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Open uri20170827 20207 19rts84?1503850864

On Climate Week NYC, early ratification, and GEF’s support to Paris Agreement

From heads of states and business leaders, to environmental activists and avant-garde artists - the 8th NYC Climate Week features events to gather them all and deliver a single critical message across all levels of society - we have been pushing our planet to its limits for far too long. The time to act and change the course is now.

Open uri20170827 20139 jwjuqk?1503850864

Follow the sun: how Morocco pioneered investment in clean energy

In 1999, there were no iPhones, no social media, and landlines were used to connect to the internet. The euro was just born, the first Matrix movie hit theatres, and everyone was waiting for the end of the world that computers were supposed to cause at the change of the millennium.

What else was happening in 1999? The Global Environment Facility and its partners proposed a grant for an Integrated Solar Combined Cycle (ISCC) technology, also known as the Ain Beni Mathar ISCC power plant...

Open uri20170827 20304 18nckdb?1503850863

How a community-based organization in Afghanistan is transforming lives lives while caring for the environment

Indigenous and traditional communities everywhere have special relationships with the natural environment they live in. Fishermen, cattle-breeders, farmers, they rely on land and water for their livelihoods. Drastic changes in climate have devastating impact on their lives and adapting to them is especially difficult if a community lives in a war-torn country like Afghanistan...

Open uri20170827 20370 1123dfz?1503850862

When it comes to fighting climate change, citizen action matters

For those of us who think that driving a hybrid, biking to work, or cutting down on red meat will save the planet from falling into Anthropocene - bad news, it will not. As essential as they are, individual actions alone will not make the difference - we need big players’ commitment, from business and political leaders at all levels of society to reduce carbon emissions, phase-out fossil fuels, and switch to clean energy...

Open uri20170827 20092 17ae4ed?1503850862

A must-read list to get you ready for #WorldWildlifeDay 2016

On March 3rd, there are so many ways to celebrate World Wildlife Day 2016. One can go to the zoo and take pictures with elephants, organize a wildlife photo exhibition, participate in a street parade, host an art contest, organize a panel discussion or a film screening, and maybe even release captive animals into the wild. If you are up for a fun activity of this sort, we recommend you to take a look at this map of global #WorldWildlifeDay events. But before heading out on your adventures, check out GEF’s wildlife protection must-read list.

Open uri20170827 20407 1jxquu4?1503850864

GEF CEO Naoko Ishii pledged support to end illegal wildlife trade

The campaign launched at UNEA-2 and in the run-up to World Environment Day (WED), which this year is themed "Go Wild For Life”, urged politicians, celebrities and business leaders to help bring global attention to the fight against illegal wildlife trade...

Open uri20170827 20120 10hnks?1503850863

Saving forests for future generations on #IntlForestDay and beyond ...

These days, one might think understanding the importance of forests for our planet should not be hard - even a fifth grader knows that forests are the lungs of the Earth. Yet despite this common knowledge, the world’s forest area continues to decrease at alarming rate due to the expansion of agriculture, timber production, urbanization, and road construction. According to the last Global Forest Resources Assessments released last year by FAO, each year more than 7 million hectares of natural forests are lost and 50 million hectares of forestland are burned...