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Alua Kennedy

Content marketing specialist

Global development, environment, climate change, education, gender equality, corporate communications, social media, integrated marketing communications

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World Bank

Four ways governments are making girls’ lives better

Also available in: العربية As the International Day of the Girl Child is coming up on October 11, it reminds us of an important role governments can play to help girls lead their own lives. [[tweetable]]Investing in girls’ empowerment is a smart way to invest in a country.[[/tweetable]] Check out...

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World Bank

Here are 3 surprising facts about doing business in fragile environments

It’s a secret to no one that getting things done in fragile and conflict-affected (FCS) situations is more difficult than in normal, peaceful environments. A recent World Bank report “The Small Entrepreneur in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Situations” looked into the motives and challenges of small entrepreneurs in FCS countries and...

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World Bank

Helping civil society build peace and restore trust

I like entertaining my western friends with stories of growing up in the post-communist Kazakhstan limbo, when everything ended, but nothing had yet started. Stories of how my friends and I would collect old newspapers to trade for books and Moscow magazine subscriptions. ​And later on, selling empty milk bottles...